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Instruction for downloading web support file
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Installation of new JRE for entry of on-line S.O. & I/Call


  1.  Removal of old version of JRE, if any.
    a) Click on start- setting- control panel.
    b) Double click on “Add or Remove program”.
    c) Select “Java” software and then click on “remove”.
    d) Now open “my computer”->c:\Document and settings\Administrator\Local settings\Temp. Delete all the files from this place.
    e) c:\Document and settings\Administrator\Local settings\Temporary internet files. Delete all the files from this place.
    f) c:\Document and settings\Administrator\Local settings\History. Delete all the files from this place.


  2.  Restart your computer.
     Now download new version JRE software by clicking on ‘Web Support files’ located on top left-corner of    DGS&D site and ‘save’ in any location, say desktop.


  3. Step 1.


  4. Step 2.

    Install JRE by Double clicking on run icon available on dialog boxed. Followed by ‘run’. Continue clicking on ‘next’ till ‘finish’ is reached.

  5. Click on ‘OK’.
  6. Now open control panel.double click on java icon.then click on.
  7. Step 1 -

    Step 2 -

    Step 3 - Click on Settings

    Now click on delete files and go ahead with ok ok…. And now you can open the web site.

  8. Now the system is ready for online application of DGS&D website.

    Install E_Lock Software Required for Digital Signature.

  9. Check first whether you have installed your Software required for Digital signature Token.
  10. By Opening Internet Explorer Browser->Tool->Internet Option->Content->certificate.
  11. If your signature is present in Certificate dialog box then you have installed your software for your token.But you need to install e-Lock software also from DGS&D”->indentor’s page or vendor’s page->Followed by link “click here”.

    Click on Run.

    Finally going by run, ok etc. You will get message like.
    All the application except this one must remain closed.



Last Updated On: 16/05/2013