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Indentor Page
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Web Support Files Rate Contracts
Ø Form for furnishing details of indentors and its users
Ø Green Channel 
Ø Banned Firms
Ø Instructions on inspection and payment with CCA as paying authority along with third party inspection
Ø Submission of Letter of Authority and bills during the Current financial Year
Ø Help Line No. for e-Procurement (Technical Support Only): 011-45738404/405/406/407.
Ø Step required for downloading software to use DGS&D website
Ø Discontinuance of Suspense Account maintained by CCA (SD).
Ø Revision of Payment Terms.
Ø Issuance of Supply Orders by Direct Demanding Officers (DDOs) and DGS&D.
Ø Important Circulars
Ø Frequetly Asked Questions by Indentors/DDOs
Ø Advantages in associating with DGS&D
Ø Benefits of DGS&D and Computerisation Project to indentors
Ø Requirements and Expectation from Indentors
Ø Obtaining digital certificates for secure transaction
Ø Instruction/Guidelines to Indentors for usage of Indentor’s page
Ø Procedure for placement of online Supply Order
Ø Impotant Notice for Indentor regarding user-id/password
Ø Short closure Notices
Ø Proforma for suggestion of new item for indentor

Ø Defer of demand by DDOs for Double Capped Tubular LED Lamps for General Lighting Services against DGS&D Rate Contract. 


Last Updated On: 19/08/2016