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Tender Notices & Enquiries
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DGS&D has developed comprehensive e-tendering platform covering every aspect of procurement activity viz. identification of items, store coding, Consultative Committee Meetings, tender notices and enquiries, evaluation of bids, award of Rate Contract, online generation of supply orders, inspection of stores, dispatch details, consignee receipt certificate and online e-billing. DGS&D conclude R/C for approx. 300 different product categories of items. Most of the products categories are covered by DGS&D e-procurement application. Tender notices and tender enquires including corrigendum thereto, of all the items, which are covered under DGS&D e-Procurement application can be accessed under the link “Online Tender Notices and Enquiries”.


Tender Enquiries floated by DGS&D for all those items, which are not covered on DGS&D e-procurement application, can be accessed under the link “Offline DGS&D Tender Notices and Enquiries”. Presently, these are certain Specialized Items viz. Cement, Industrial Gases, NDP items and Spares as well as the items required by establishment for routine discharge of duties.


Similarly, at times some of the other departments also requests DGS&D to publish their tender enquiries on DGS&D’s website. All these tender notices and enquiries can be accessed under the link “Other Department Tender Notices and Enquires”

Last Updated On: 15/12/2014