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 Conference Hall, DGS&D, New Delhi. 
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Meeting Notice: 
Standing Review Committee meeting on 25th April 2013
Date & Time of meeting: 






            SRC meeting was held under the chairmanship of DG(S&D).  Chairman welcomed all the participants. After introduction of all participants, the agenda paper dated 22.4.2013 for the meeting, circulated to all concerned,  was discussed in addition to additional agenda items (11 items) and letter dated 18.04.2013 of Border Road Organization. It was attended by the officers of DGS&D, Central Para-Military Forces (CRPF, ITBP, BSF, CISF and Assam Rifles) in addition to representative from Railway Board including their RLO (Railway Liasion Officer) and representatives from Trade Associations (CII and PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry).  A list of participants is enclosed at Annexure-I.



2.         Representative of BSF informed that they have already sent a list of items to DGS&D for bringing up the same on the Rate Contracts.  It was clarified that the list was received late on 23rd April, 2013 and could not be included in the brief/ agenda for the meeting, as it had been already circulated on 22.04.2013.  However, their list was perused and it was observed that its Annexure ‘A’ contained the supply orders placed by them against some of the R/C items, wherein supplies have not been materialised from the firms.  This was not relevant for the present meeting.  The next attachment enclosed at Appendix ‘B’, contained a list of the new items suggested for R/C, which did not have the actual drawl figures for the last three years or estimated drawl figure for the coming year.


3.         Representative of CISF mentioned about an item namely Dope Dyed Polyester Viscose uniform clothes (Khaki) appearing at Sl. No. 1 of Annexure 1-C of the agenda.  It was clarified that this item is being handled by DS&D Mumbai and after holding the CCM, they have arrived at the conclusion that Industry is not ready to manufacture/ supply this item as per MHA specifications, though this item with specification other than MHA’s is already on R/C.


4.         DG(S&D) informed the following policy decisions for considering the items for bringing on R/C or otherwise:



All indenters/ DDOs are required to indicate item-wise likely annual drawl, name of the user departments apart from the other details of the items as prescribed in DGS&D Performa already available on the website. A copy of which was circulated to all present in the meeting. For this purpose, all the indenters/DDOs should undertake ABC analysis of the items suggested by them for R/C on the basis of their criticality such as absolutely necessary,  less-critical necessity and wish-list (not much necessary), apart from the aforesaid details.



If there is any problem in supplying the item as per specifications given/ required by the indenters/ DDOs, after CCM, the same should be conveyed appropriately to the indenters/ DDOs so that they have the option of either accepting the changed specification or buying directly as per their own specification through tenders following the procedure prescribed in GFR, 2005.



In the light of limited resources available in DGS&D, it is not feasible that all the items requested by indenters/ DDOs would be undertaken by the DGS&D for bringing on R/Cs.  Therefore, DGS&D reserves its right to take a decision to bring an item on R/C subject to availability of aforesaid data from the indenters/ DDOs and also keeping in view the prescribed criteria for undertaking the item on R/C.



The Correction Slip No. 37 dated 18.12.2012 to the DGS&D Manual had been already issued prescribing for the firm to rectify/ repair/ replace the defective goods supplied, on receipt of any complaint from the indenter/ user department.  Consequently, user departments have all the rights to reject the stores if found defective, of course, specifying the reasons thereof within a reasonable prescribed period mentioning all the reasons for rejection, which would be necessary to handle disputes / arbitration, if any, at subsequent stages.



The existing departmental charges are being revised to 1% each for purchase and inspection as against existing 0.6% each for on online supply orders by Central Government Departments/Ministries.  It is also being prescribed that a token departmental charge @ 0.25% of the value of the order shall be charged for the referral orders being placed by various government departments utilising DGS&D R/C.  The choice of selecting the inspection by DGS&D or by any other agency including indenters themselves would rest upon user department.  All the indenting departments are required to gear up accordingly as the Correction Slip to the DGS&D Manual in this regard is likely to be issued shortly.


5.         DG(S&D) also decided the following:



27 items listed in Annexure I-A stands approved for taking up for R/C allocated to IT Directorate.


(ii)          317 items pertaining to National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) listed at Annexure I-B also stands approved for considering them for R/C.  However, grouping of the items may be made in consultation with officers from NDMA and short listing items among them.



14 items listed in Annexure I-C, containing request of CISF for bringing them on R/C, will be considered subject to furnishing the aforesaid details relating to likely annual drawl, other users, etc. as per requisite proforma circulated to them.  However, the items which are already on R/C may be continued.


(iv)          21 items listed at Annexure II, containing suggestion for dropping the items from DGS&D R/Cs, are approved pursuant to the reasons indicated therefor.


(v)             16 items listed in Annexure III, approved by earlier SRC meeting, may continue to be processed and efforts should be made to bring them on R/C at the earliest.



80 items listed in Annexure IV, which include the items intimated by Defence, are required to be considered only after receipt of aforesaid details concerning likely drawls, users, etc. as per prescribed proforma circulated to all participants.


(vii)    Item No. 1 and 2 listed at additional agenda, i.e. Bailey Bridges & its components and Tyres & tubes, pertaining to the request from DGBR, were accepted for considering them for R/C.  Bailey Bridge may be allocated to ST Directorate while Tyres & Tubes may be allocated to AM Directorate.  Remaining items listed at Sl. No. 3 to 11 of additional agenda may be considered only after receipt of aforesaid details concerning likely drawls, users, etc. as per prescribed proforma.


6. The above data may be given within a week’s time which may be compiled and the respective item processed thereafter for consideration.  Another SRC meeting may be held, if considered necessary.


7. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.    



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